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Building Insurance: You have invested a lot in your home.  You need to protect that investment with a personalized insurance plan. A Colina General Homeowners Insurance Policy offers protection for your house as well as your personal possessions and personal liability.  We offer protection based on your needs and tailor a plan that best fits your finances.

Condo Insurance: Condo insurance is not Home Contents (or renters’) insurance; there is a difference. With renters’ insurance, you are protecting your possessions. But with condo insurance you are protecting your possessions as well as the physical structure inside your condo (improvements) not covered by your condo association insurance policy. Your condo association is responsible for the external physical building, not for the internal structure and contents of your condo. Colina General Condo Insurance protects your condo against hurricane, burglary, fire and even water damage.

So, if you experience a plumbing leak that soaks everything in your apartment or if fire destroys the contents of your condo, we will have you covered.

Home Contents (Renters) Insurance: Colina General Renters Insurance covers the cost of replacing a renter’s personal items like furniture, jewelry or computers in the event of a disaster or theft. Remember, many renters mistakenly believe that they don’t need insurance because they don’t own the building they’re living in. A landlord’s policy only covers the building and not the renter’s personal possessions.

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