How to make a claim for a hurricane loss?

If you should ever have to deal with our claims department after suffering the misfortune of a hurricane, there are some things you should know to make your claim go smoothly.

Although your agent should have a copy of your insurance policy, try and find your copy of the policy and read it. Policies usually pay for temporary repairs to protect your home from further damage and either the actual value or the replacement value of the damaged property.

Flood caused by a hurricane is normally included as part of your hurricane cover. Your policy may also pay for removing building debris so repairs can be made, but will not pay for clearing landscaping and garden debris.

Call to tell your agent if you’re in an emergency situation. Unless instructed otherwise, only make repairs necessary to prevent further damage to your home or business. Don’t make permanent repairs without consulting.

An insurance adjuster will visit your home or business. Before the adjuster arrives, prepare a list of all damaged and destroyed property. The list should include:

  • A description of each item
  • Date of purchase
  • Cost at time of purchase
  • Present replacement cost

If you have cancelled cheques or receipts for these items, collect them to show the adjuster.
It is a good idea to take photographs or videos of the damaged areas, and if possible, get a detailed estimate for repairs. Also make sure to keep all receipts for all work done on your home or property.

You might get more than one cheque, the first for part payment of your claim, with a later cheque once the full repairs costs have been agreed or carried out.

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