Commercial Insurance

Commercial Property: Colina General provides financial protection against loss or damage to buildings, leasehold improvements, contents, furniture, fixtures and fittings due to fire, hurricane and other perils.

Office All Risks: Colina General Office All Risks insurance covers accidental loss, destruction or damage coverage on your office contents, including theft cover. It also extends to cover limited amount of cash, additional expenditure resulting from business closure from an insured event and legal liability for accidental injury or accidental damage to property of persons in connection with the business.

Mortgage Indemnity: In the event of a default on your mortgage and subsequent sale of the property, a Mortgage Indemnity policy will protect the lending institution from any shortfall resulting from the sale. Most lending institutions require this protection from default.

Business Interruption/Additional Expenditure: A Colina General Business Interruption policy provides for those down periods while your business is undergoing repairs from an insured loss. Insured items can include your ‘regular’ gross profit along with standing charges that do not go away even if you are unable to operate. Additionally, coverage can be extended to include wages for key employees you wish to retain during the repair/rebuilding periods.

Commercial Theft: Commercial Theft provides coverage for on-premises theft losses of contents of offices, shops, warehouses and also damage caused to the premises as a result of such theft.

Money: Money Insurance provides coverage for the loss of money due to loss of money in transit, from the insured’s premises or from a bank night safe. It also covers loss or damage to the insured’s safe or strong room due to theft or attempted theft.

Public Liability: Public Liability insurance coverage protects against losses due to accidental injury to persons or accidental damage to property.

Employers Liability: Covers the employer for lawsuits brought against them by an employee who has been injured as a result of the employer’s negligence.

Fidelity Guarantee: Fidelity Guarantee insurance covers direct loss of commercial money or goods due to employee dishonesty or theft.

Professional Indemnity: Professional Indemnity insurance covers claims, costs and expenses due to neglect, errors or omissions committed in good faith by you or your employees during the conduct of business.

Directors & Officers Insurance: Provides coverage of the costs of lawsuits against Directors and Officers of the company (excluding lawsuits brought forth on grounds of dishonesty, fraud or malicious conduct).

Personal Accident & Travel: Provides coverage for your Directors and employees for business travel and personal accidents including Accidental Loss of Life, Permanent & Total Disability and Medical Expenses

Goods in Transit: Goods in Transit insurance covers goods and property in transit from one specified place to another. It usually covers transport in a company vehicle, or with a third party transport service.

Marine Cargo: Marine Cargo insurance covers transport of specified goods and merchandise by sea or air, as well as the following journey over land to deliver the goods.

Contractors’ Insurance: Contractors’ All Risk Insurance protects buildings, equipment and material against loss due to damage or theft during construction or renovation projects.

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